Voxer Coaching

Get personalised support in launching, running or growing your creative business

Transformational Coaching
 for Aspiring Surface Pattern Design Entrepreneurs

You know deep down that you are meant for more, but you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start

You're trying so hard but you're surrounded by other creative businesses taking off 
and you're left wondering...

Here's the problem...

Or maybe you've been working at this business thing for a minute now,

You're brand new in business, and you've read all the copy-paste 'steal my secret roadmap' solutions

but they're either confusing & overwhelming, or you just can't stay consistent with it

or it simply isn't aligned with who you are and your purpose

> Is success even possible for me?

> Is the surface design world too saturated for me?

> Why would someone buy my designs over someone else's?

> What if I'm not good enough?

I have one answer for all of these questions...

Yes there are other artists with more of [whatever you feel you're lacking] but they're not you! 

The world NEEDS what you have to offer

It's time to stop hiding behind fear & self-doubt...
and start sharing your unique creations with the world!

I know how frustrating (and scary!) this feels
because I’ve been there, too.

>> You want a business that works FOR you, not against you

>> You long to feel confident in your design skills & the products and pitches you make

>>  You are taking small but consistent steps towards your goals and momentum is growing every day

>> You have the freedom to live life the way you've always dreamed of with the people who matter most to you

>> You're fully embracing your unique creativity & the joy it brings

You want to be here...

You're here...

>> You're pushing yourself, often to the limit

>> You feel frustrated 'cause you know what you want but it just isn't happening

>> You're feeling discouraged and ready to give up

>> You spend hours glued to the laptop, stuck on the content creation hamster wheel

>> You have convinced yourself that the things that make your work 'You" aren't good enough to be shared with the work

wouldn’t it be incredible if you just had *someone* to talk strategy with who has been there, done that, and is ready to meet you where you are.

No scheduling calls or having to show up on camera (hello, fellow introverts)

Just personalised one-on-one coaching
  giving you the transformational guidance, support & accountability to turn your daydream of being a surface pattern designer
into a thriving, wholehearted business doing what you love

Creating beautiful artwork brands & companies need on their products

How different would life be if you could approach your surface pattern design business with confidence? With joy? With ease?

Voxer Coaching


On demand Mindset & Business Strategy Coaching Days with Kate

  • You're not looking for a generic '1-size fits all' solution

  • A one hour coaching session isn't quite enough

  • You're not interested in hearing someone's 'overnight success' story – no preaching from a 7-figure mansion here lol!

  • You’re super busy & want support that fits into your day #JugglingALLTheThings

  • You're ready to start taking action that gives your tangible results - YOU get to define what success means for you

are just the ticket if –

Voxer Coaching Days with Kate

All whilst not having to worry about getting outta your PJs & looking 'zoom ready'!

You just need the right support & mentorship to get you there

It's time to create a business & a life that serves you

Whether it's between the school run, after bedtime, or between meetings Voxer coaching is like having a little fairy godmother in your back pocket


accountability month





Take your pick

Personal action plans & strategies for powerful transformation 

Perfect for those wanting extra accountability 

one week

Access to group office hours and private facebook group

Full Day

30 mins per week voxer coaching

Ideal support for a new project, business planning, course launch etc

UNLIMITED voxer coaching Mon-fri

8 hours of on demand coaching. I find works really well for people who want coaching to fit around their busy lives. 


Download the FREE Voxer  App so we can connect via text and audio. You can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what you would like to focus on. This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.


My quick and easy application process will allow me to get to know your business, your needs, and your goals. This is to ensure we are both a fit to work together and that I’m the right person to help you.


Come say hi and I'll be happy to answer and questions you might have about Dare to Dream! days

Wanna try it out?

Here's how it works

  • No one-size-fits all approaches here!
  • You'll walk away with a 30 day personalised master plan
  • A list of recommended resources just for you
  • Includes your own progress tracker
  • And motivational quotes for inspiration

Bonus #2  your very own personal master plan

  • Don't worry if a question pops or query into your mind days or weeks later, there's still the chance to ask me
  • Keep the momentum of the day going forward
  • Take the pressure of having to commit everything to memory right away
  • I don't believe in a one and done way of coaching
  • Can be used straight away, or save it for later 

Bonus #1  One week of email follow up support

In Addition to 1:1 Coaching, You'll Also Receive...

Your BONUSes

I'm ready for the magic

You've come as far as you can on your own, and you're exhausted, and about ready to give up

I know that a 6-month coaching package isn't for everyone, Mastermind packages are hella expensive, and taking a day out of your busy schedule isn't a luxury you can afford

That's why I love Voxer Coaching Days

 I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching – it profoundly moved my businesses forward (everyone should have a coach!) 
and that it should be accessible for all 

Voxer coaching is the perfect solution if you want
  • powerful results
  • develop your entrepreneur mindset
  • deep-dive into your strengths and possibilities
  • overcome the fear & self-doubt that is holding you back (YOU KNOW IT"S TRUE!)
  • crystal clear on your mission 
  • & actionable steps to achieve those audacious goals

Still unsure?

Here's the thing...

Support from someone who also has the skillset in guiding you into being ALL of you

 Kate X

I know the strengths and challenges, the trials and tribulations, of trying to make money from your passion.
And also the wholehearted joy of it!

I am not some seven-figure coach with a big team that has completely forgotten what it is like to be running a business all by yourself. I am a one-woman business that fully understands that your time is precious and I suggest strategies to work with that.

Think of me as a therapist for your creative business!

I'm a surface pattern design & creative business owner just like you

It's wasn't until I found my own amazing coach, years into my business, that I got off the emotional rollercoaster that is being a solopreneur 

Now I'm combining every hard learned lesson from my entrepreneur journey, with the psychology skills I gained over 10+ years as a nurse therapist. 

There's nothing I love more than coffee and helping aspiring surface designers just like you in the first few years of business to embrace your creative genius and radically reshape your mindset so you can have more spaciousness and fulfillment in your life and your business

Here’s why this is so important to me...

Previous coaching clients have found that power-hour calls just haven't been enough. We all know the feeling of frustration, remembering questions we wished we'd asked, hours after an appointment/meeting. With Voxer coaching days you don't have to worry! 
The beauty of having a coaching. in your back pocket is that you can ask as much or as little as you'd like throughout our day together, fitting it around all the things you have to do in the day.  Gone is the pressure that you have to get it all out in an hours call. And all our voice memos & messages are there for you to look back when you need a refresher


If you're planning on making money from your artwork, now or in the near future, this is absolutely for you!  Don't worry if you don't have a website, or VAT registration or any of that stuff – that can all come later down the line. First let's get your head in the game, confidently creating work you love.

03. what if i don't have a 'business'. is it still for me?

In a word, YES! I'm pretty darn confident about the psychology skills I have & the transformations clients have achieved. But no one can do the work for you, so ultimately it's up to you. If you're still not sure it's for you, I'd recommend booking a free clarity call with me and we can explore the best option for you.

04. will this work for me?

The beauty of coaching on Voxer is that it can totally fit around your busy schedule. But if something huge comes up and you need to reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance, so I can offer the slot to someone else. 

05. What if i need to reschedule?

You can reach me via email – createfullycoaching@gmail.com or send me a message on Voxer – createfully_kate

06. I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You've got the passion but need a little guiding hand and support with getting momentum going. I'll be your personal cheerleader when you need one. I'm with you every step of the way, because there's room for you too!

Your soul is calling you to follow your dreams

Fear not – taming inner critics is my superpower! It doesn't stand a chance against 10+ years of psychology experience. You'll be feeling confident in your creative groove quicksmart

Your inner critic is wreaking havoc

You've got the basics of surface pattern design covered (even if you seriously doubt this at times!) but the business side boggles your brain. I know the feeling!

You're thinking of starting, or in the first few years, of your creative business

How to know if Voxer Coaching is a perfect fit:

Voxer coaching days