The creative confidence coach

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I help budding artists & surface pattern designers 
turn their self-doubt into self-belief

so they can Create a wholehearted business that lights them up, doing what they love with clarity, purpose & confidence

Don't find your purpose – CREATE IT!

As a former mental health professional turned creative entrepreneur
 I have the psychological knowledge & tools implemented by the world's best coaches,
combined with the experience of a self-starter creative business owner.

What does this mean??

It means I'm uniquely qualified to guide you through the mental & emotional rollercoaster that is creating a business from your artistic passions

Overwhelmed Imposter

Confident Creative

The greatest obstacle to your success is self-doubt

>> and it drains your creativity too << 
not ideal as an artist!!



balanced business & lifestyle

courageous creativity

simple & Streamlined systems

Clarity & Purpose

achieve those AUDACIOUS dreams through...

Let's turn that self-doubt into self-belief & make creative business fun again!

building a wholehearted business = profitable, sustainable & balanced 

with the freedom to do the things you've always wanted to

with the people that matter most to you

You're here because...

Everyone has dreams & wishes for their life

Not everyone does something about them

 you're ready to get serious about your creative business

creating artwork you love 

Let's get to the core of why you're here...

You need someone on your side who understands that building a business from scratch (without losing your mind!) is not for the timid – being an artist requires one set of skills & mindset – entrepreneurship requires a whole other set of skills & mindset

I've combined everything I've learned (the hard way!) as a self-made creative entrepreneur with over a decades experience as practitioner in the field of psychology, sprinkled with a good helping of *unashamedly geeky*love of strategy & spreadsheets to help you

  • Turn that self-doubt into self-belief
  • Gain 100% clarity on your creative purpose
  • Simplify & streamline your business so you work less & live more!
  • Tackle the internal barriers that keep you feeling overwhelmed & rudderless 
  • Believe that THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU

^^am I right^^

I'm here to let you know that it doesn't have to be this way

You've got the creativity covered!
 But the realities of showing up and trying to make a profit triggers your self-doubt big time

Using a range psychology-based skills & techniques I’ll guide you step-by-step through laying the foundations of a successful & sustainable business from scratch without the overwhelm and the tried-and-true systems that give you the time and money freedom to create the well lived life you dream of.

helping you harness your inner creative, to live passionately & purposefully is the work that lights me up

About Kate

That's exactly why I started Createfully

your new biz bestie!!

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Rediscovering my creative passion gave me back my purpose & changed my life completely – and the same is possible for you too

The Confident Creative course

You can achieve so much more when you're open to possibilities, not constrained by limiting beliefs  #RealTruthTalk 

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Simple & streamlined business systems give you time back, so off you pop - get creating & living your best life

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Plan your Biz Like a boss 

Big dreams really do come true! 
with small goal-focussed actions that fit around your life, not the other way around! 

Get Going

Get Confident

Get confident & build your

 Heartfelt Creative Business & Live a Well Lived Life